Inner Beauty Yoga

April 22, 2014
by Adri Kyser

No Chaturanga Vinyasa Flow ~ Adri Kyser

Join me during this well rounded and fluid vinyasa class accessible to all levels. Find your own rhythm as you are guided to dive into a fluid meditative flow. Enjoy standing poses, hip openers, deep stretches and more. You will be able to adjust this practice by taking it down a notch or making it more challenging, allowing you to find that “feel so good” state throughout the online yoga class. Please have a strap and a block available.



April 10, 2014
by Adri Kyser

Bakasana ~ Crow Pose ~ Part 3 “Tricks” ~ Adri Kyser

Now that you are rocking your Bakasana ~ Crow pose, it is time to play!

During this videos I will share some tricks and pilates tips to enhance your Pose. I will be guiding you through a series of fun and creative ways to work and enhance your bakasana. Are you ready to take your crow pose to the next level?

Please have a small towel and a block available.


Love & Peace,


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April 8, 2014
by Adri Kyser

Bakasana – Crow Pose Tutorial ~ Foundation with Props ~ Adri Kyser

Enjoy this 3 Part Bakasana – Crow Pose Tutorial with Adri Kyser

Adri - Crow Pose

Part 1: In this short online yoga tutorial, Adri will be offering some tips on how to establish a strong foundation, learn control and use some preparatory poses to get you into this beginner friendly variation of Bakasana or Crow Pose.

You will use some props to help you let go of fear and begin your flying adventure. Blankets or a bolster and a block will be used for this variation.


April 7, 2014
by Adri Kyser

Upper Body Strength Flow ~ Adri Kyser

Are you ready to work your core, increase your upper body strength and practice some arm balances? If so, you should try my newest class on

Join me during this creative flow focused on building core and upper body strength. Practice a variation of one of my favorite Prana Flow Namaskars. During this online yoga class, you will explore different variations and creative options for side plank or vasisthasana. Get ready to build strength, stamina and power without adding rigidity or loosing flexibility. Have a block available.

Here is a sneak preview:



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March 31, 2014
by Adri Kyser

5 Reasons You Should Try Yoga ~ Adri Kyser

Adri Kyser ~ Triangle Pose

I started to practice yoga consistently in 2004, after dealing with a very stressful situation in my life. The stress caused me to have intense chronic back pain among other things. I was overwhelmed, exhausted , and feeling disconnected.

Yoga helped me when I needed it the most… Yoga helped me cultivate a sense of inner peace and well-being during my practice that before long transfer to my daily life. It taught me to let go, to release tension and become more present. It changed my life so much so that before I knew it, I was teaching yoga. Today I am passionate about sharing with others how yoga has changed my life. I want to inspire, connect and empower others to make these positive changes so they too can live their life to the fullest.

After teaching for almost 10 years the positive changes I see in my students never cease to surprise me. People experience a wide range of benefits when they start to practice yoga from sleeping better, mindful eating to feeling more centered.

I chose to share with you these 5 ways in which yoga can help you change your life regardless of age, background or gender:

~ Increases flexibility, balance and strength: Yoga will make you strong, flexible, and balanced—not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. The mind, body and emotions are intimately connected with one another. What effects one effects the other two. When we practice yoga we work with our muscles and tissues. This makes us stronger and more flexible, but we are also becoming more stable and open in our way of thinking which helps us feel more balanced and at ease.

~ Releases Stress and Calms the Mind: The practice of yoga teaches us how to breathe mindfully, helping us release stress and calm the brain. When we concentrate on our breath, our bodies automatically begin to relax, the muscles soften and the mind starts to calm down. Fewer thoughts are produced at slower rates, helping us clear the excess noise. Having a clear mind helps us to make better decisions, feel centered and calm.

~ Mind/Body Connection: Yoga increases body awareness, reconnecting you with your body. The practice of yoga will help you strengthen your sense of intuition and inner power. This mind and body connection helps you realize that what effects your body effects your mind and emotions, and vice versa.

~ Yoga Teaches You to “Let Go”: Yoga can teach you how to let go of tension, limiting beliefs, self-imposed barriers, etc. At the physical level you learn how to release tension while holding the poses by using your breath. At the energetic/emotional level you will learn to let go of what you have been holding on that does not longer serves you.

~ Cultivate Inner Peace, Self-Love and Positive Thinking: The more we practice yoga the more we begin to cultivate a sense of inner peace and serenity. We begin to see ourselves in a loving way. It cultivates positive thinking and increases our positive vibration.

Are you ready to make a shift? Are you ready to live to your fullest? Give the practice of yoga a try. There are so many great styles and teachers that can guide you through this process. The key is to get started and find the right style that works for you!

Love and peace,

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March 26, 2014
by Adri Kyser

10 Reasons To Try Oil Pulling


Let’s be honest we all are looking for ways to feel better, look better and improve our health without having to sacrifice lots of time, money and effort.

We are constantly bombarded by the next diet, the next detox trend, the next magic solution but often times they fall short of our expectations with little results.

We all have a busy schedule and when we are asked to add “one more thing” to our routine, it can feel daunting and overwhelming.

I found one simple, easy and effective way to help my body detox on a daily basis with “Oil Pulling”. This technique not only helps to detoxify the body but it also has added benefits that I will share with you below. In addition, it can be done while you get ready for work, return emails, or if you choose; it can be your own form of meditation.

What’s oil pulling? Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenating technique that has been used for many years. It involves taking about 1 tsp to 1 tbs or 1 cap full of oil (usually sesame) and swish it around your mouth for about 20 minutes.

According to ~ “Oil pulling is clearly mentioned in the classic and most esteemed textbook of Ayurveda, the Caraka Samhita. Caraka says this about oil pulling:
Keeping of oil gargle provides strength in jaws and voice, development of the face, maximum taste and relish of food. One does not suffer from dryness of throat, lip cracking and teeth become firmly rooted. The teeth do not ache or become sensitive and can chew the hardest food items (1).”

I know what you are thinking because I thought the same thing… “Yuck oil in my mouth for 20 minutes?” The answer is YES! Trust me when I say that it is easier than you think and those 20 minutes go by fast.

Why oil? Pretty simple, oil is considered a sticky substance and bacteria and toxins in your mouth and lymphatic system will stick to the oil. In addition, any excess mucus and congestion gets pulled by the oil providing you with a safe and quick relief.

Dr. Bruce Fife, naturopathic physician wrote a book about Oil Pulling, notes:
“Most of the chronic and infectious illnesses that trouble our society today are influenced by the health of our mouths. Our mouths are a reflection of the health inside our bodies…Simply improving the health of your teeth and gums can cure many chronic problems….The oil acts like a cleanser. When you put it in your mouth and work it around your teeth and gums it “pulls” out bacteria and other debris…oil pulling has a very powerful detoxifying effect.”

In addition here are 10 more reasons why you need to give oil pulling a try:

- Improves oral health (according to a study directed by NCBI)
- Can reduce bad breath
- Reduces plaque and gingivitis
- It clears acne leading to a healthy and glowing complexion
- It whitens teeth
- Relieves congestion and sinuses
- Can help with migraines
- Helps to detoxify the body
- Improves sleep
- Strengthens the immune system

Some people say it helped them with hangovers… I ‘m not sure about this one but you can give it a try!

Yoga conductor Dr Asha Joshi says “oil-pulling is not only good for oral health — in terms of eliminating teeth decay and halitosis (bad breath) — but also benefits the throat, voice, eyes and face as well. Also, it’s great for people who feast on junk food, smoke and consume alcohol, as it detoxifies the body.”  Click here to read more.

Now that I got your attention you may be wondering… “How do I start?”

Oil pulling can be done any time during the day but I personally like to do oil pulling first thing in the morning.

I begin by scraping my tongue (another Ayurvedic thing) and then I get about 1 tbsp of coconut oil (preferably organic) into my mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes while I shower, get ready, etc making these 20 min fly by. Then I brush my teeth and start my day.

Traditionally sesame oil is used for oil pulling but I prefer coconut oil because of the taste and it’s antibacterial and anti- inflammatory properties.

After the 20 minutes have gone by I spit the oil into a plastic baggie or paper towel and throw it in the trash. DO NOT spit your oil in the sink because coconut oil will solidify and mess up your pipes… Be mindful no to swallow any of the oil since it is full of really YUCKY stuff!

I have been able to make this part of my ritual because I have experienced some of these benefits without really taking any additional time. More importantly it also gives me that QUIET time to reflect and be mindful of my intention for the day.

Happy Oil Pulling! I can’t wait to hear how this works for you!

Love and peace,


Adri KyserSmall

S Asokan, J Rathan, MS Muthu, PV Rathna, P Emmadi, Raghuraman, Chamundeswari.Effect of oil pulling on Streptococcus mutans count in plaque and saliva using Dentocult SM Strip mutans test: a randomized, controlled, triple-blind study. Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry. 26(1):12-7, 2008 Mar

March 6, 2014
by Adri Kyser

“You Are Too…” Breaking Down Social Limitations

Adri's Origin Magazine

Picture From Origin Magazine taken by Sandra Lynch

I am  honored to be featured in this month’s Origin Magazine. I was invited to participate in the “You Are Too…” campaign where many amazing yogis opened up about things they had to overcome.

I decided to go all in and let people see the most vulnerable place within my heart. I had dealt with feelings of worthiness for several years. Circumstances and people kept coming into my life that made me feel I was not good enough… I was too scared to be seen – too scared to be noticed. For a while I played it safe and didn’t let anyone in that could hurt me or tell me I was not GOOD ENOUGH.

Thanks to my yoga practice and lots of personal and spiritual work I realized that ” I am more than my body, I am more than the image reflected in a mirror,  I am more that any PERCEPTION that others may have thought about me” and guess what SO ARE YOU!

I wanted to share this personal achievement in order to inspire many other people that are currently going through something similar. I want to let people know that it is up to each one of you to determine your Self worth, to make a shift and trust  that you can overcome anything regardless of what others think or say.

Once you learn to love yourself and appreciate your value, people and circumstances that match that vibration will begging to appear in you life.


Adri KyserSmall



February 19, 2014
by Adri Kyser

Do You Speak Many Languages? 10 Things You Must Know

Adri Teaching at The Texas Yoga Conference


As Published in

After living in the US for almost 19 years I still find myself learning how to I speak, communicate and think in English. I find it amusing that there are times when I can switch between languages back and forth with ease and other times I get stuck.

I was born and raised in Venezuela and for almost half of my life I spoke only Spanish until I moved to the US, got married and made this beautiful country my home.

I had my share of struggles trying to speak a different language. Even though I had studied English in school, you can imagine my surprise when I could only understand half of what people were saying to me.

Back in 1995 I had a few negative experiences interacting with people and dealing with the language barrier. Some lost their patience trying understand, others were just plain rude to me, and even others made fun of my accent and the way I spoke. I vividly remember one remark that hurt me deeply: “These immigrants should learn how to speak before they come here”

For nearly 3 months I only spoke to my family and no one else, I did not want to get hurt again. I was very self-conscious of my accent, mispronunciations and mistakes.

Thankfully times have changed and our culture has become more diverse with people from all over the world as our neighbors.

I was inspired to write this article because I know there are many people like me that once struggled to communicate and lost their voice in fear of being rejected or made fun of.

What helped me overcome my fear of speaking and making mistakes was the fact that I can speak two Languages and no one can take that away from me.

Here are few things that I hope can help you find your voice, confidence and improve your skills

1-    Ask your loved ones to correct you when you make mistakes despite the fact that they think it is cute how you pronounce or speak… I will never forget when I was talking to my husband and I said F*** us instead of FOCUS… In my head I was saying FOCUS but I was pronouncing it F*** us… I am so glad he took the time to teach me how to pronounce that particular word.

2-    Be ok with knowing that you will make mistakes and mispronounce things. That is ok. No one cares. Most people will be compassionate and will figure out what you are trying to say. If not, you don’t need those people around anyways. Claim your power and don’t let others make you feel small. Only when I was able to claim my power and own the fact that I am doing my best, relax and embrace my accent is when I saw the real shift.

3-    Embrace your accent. Many people find it exotic, charming and cute. I never thought I would be teaching yoga to strangers in a language that is not my mother tongue, yet my students really enjoy how I speak. What changed? My attitude I am proud of where I am and where I came from and my accent. It is what makes me UNIQUE!

4-    Give yourself the freedom to laugh at your mistakes. Sometimes it is really funny what comes out of my mouth… Seriously can you imagine me talking to someone and saying F*** us instead of FOCUS.

5-    In todays world it is a must to speak more than one language to get better jobs, open new doors and connect with other cultures. So embrace that you speak more than one language because it is a gift!

6-    When you hear others speak, let’s say Spanish and they make mistakes, or have a heavy accent, etc you are able to see a mirror image of yourself! Helping you realize that you have a remarkable skill and you really sound better than you thought you did.

7-    Realize that not everything can be translated and have the same meaning. If you are going to tell a joke from your home country make sure you find the equivalent meaning so it makes sense and does not get lost in translation… Been there, done that and WOW… Take my advice!

8-    Practice, Practice, Practice! I don’t mean to sit in front of a computer with a microphone and repeat what it says word by word. There is nothing wrong with that but I learned the most from speaking to people than I ever did from books. I not only learned to speak more fluently but I also learn lots of slang so I wasn’t clueless when everyone else spoke with these less proper phrases. Besides Siri (from my I-phone) still does not understand me half of the time!!!

9-    Immerse your self in the Language you are trying to learn. I noticed that the more I spoke Spanish, the more difficult it was to keep my English set of mind. So I really dove into speaking primarily English and reducing my Spanish speaking time. I listened to music, watched TV and read lots of books only in English.

10- Trust that the best way to communicate is from your heart. Love does not know languages. Be yourself, be open, relax and enjoy the conversation.


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January 9, 2014
by Adri Kyser

Playful Arm Balance Sequence with Adri Kyser

This is a short video and playful mini sequence I put together so you can too give this fun and amazing pose “Kala Bhaivarava” a try! 

If you hear a voice within you that says “I can’t because…” Then by all means give it a try with all of your heart… It make take a few tries until “You Can” but only when you have given it all of your effort… only then that voice will be silenced! Be Brave, Be Bold and have Fun!