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Our First Full Day in Rishikesh


Today is Ayurvedic Massage day! Yeah! After a yummy breakfast, we were picked up in the scooter. Can you imagine JK, my mom and me riding the scooter very fast making our way through a lot of people, few cows which seemed not to be in a hurry and several other motorcyclist. Riding a scooter here It’s more challenging that the obstacles races we are accustomed in the USA. After the initial panic attack, my mom seems to enjoy it. Now we are here in the spa.

After the amazing massage, we were moved to another room to take a shower with ayurvedic products and afterwards we were offered a delicious lemon-ginger-honey tea. After few minutes, we were picked up in a car this time to go back to the hotel, get our luggage, check out and go to our final hotel.

The hotel is really conveniently located but very simple. We are back to the simple lifestyle.

I am really loving Rishikesh, known as the Yoga capital of the world. The people, the energy and the surrounding are amazing. This is a small city and It is really safe. Everywhere we go people are so kind and extremely nice.

My mom and I decided to walk to P.K’ s office. On our way there we run into the guy that helped us the night before score nice sitting area for the Ganga Arti. He takes us to where my friend Maria is. We entered this jewelry shop where you can find the most beautiful malas I ever seen.

The owners immediately treated us like family. Offered us tea and started to talk to us. He introduced us to his younger brother and father and after a while we started to design and choose some malas.

Maria left and my mom and I stayed there choosing malas to bring back to the US. We picked colors and combinations of semi precious gemstones, etc. Each mala is hand made with semi precious stones, others with great quality rudaksha/ stones combo and few of them have 18 karat spacer gold beads. I am not exaggerating when I say these are amazing pieces. The jeweler helped me to pick and designed some great pieces and recommended some of his best seller malas.

For all my yoga friends that love my malas and asked me to buy some malas, I am bringing some beautiful pieces you will LOVE. I am only bringing small quantity of each but super great quality. You will have some pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Honey, if you are reading this, guess what you bought me for my birthday (even though it was few weeks ago)? I already have your Christmas present to me as well.

We spent so much time at the shop having a great time that they brought us some delicious pizza and drinks. My friend who came back from her shopping trip at the market, was surprised we were still at the shop…..

When we finally finished our shopping there, the three of us went to get some ayurvedic products and to pick the Ganesha for the altar we will be using during our retreat. Here we had tea and apple samosas the guy ordered for us. I guess we are only living simply at the hotel because we are treated like royalty wherever we go. I never tried apple samosas before but they are delicious!!!!!!

After spending few hrs there chatting, eating, etc, the shop owner asked a friend to take us to the spa again to see the ayurvedic DR.

The Dr. Was great. I learn few things from him and he is preparing for us some special herbs to take to help bring our doshas back to balance. Once again we are given water, then tea.

After spending few hrs there (yes few hrs), my mom and I walked back to the hotel but we needed to stop to get some stuff we bought the night before. We sat and talked with P.K’s younger brother (this is another shop different from the one above) and we are brought lemon, ginger tea. They know it is our favorite, so they have it for us now every time we visit this shop.

P.K. comes to say hi and then we go to his shop, he wanted to make sure we are well taken care of. After chatting for a while he asked his assistant to bring us back to the hotel. Now my mom and I are pros getting on and riding the scooter. Yeap, the three of us are on one scooter true India style!

We had too much tea again and another sleepless night goes by. We have been talking about the many great things we have done so far and we have not even started the retreat yet.

Today (now it is early morning time) we are getting another ayurvedic massage and plan to enjoy our free time taking pictures etc before we meet the group.

We will start our yoga retreat with a puja ceremony, yoga class. Special Ganga Arti and dinner with the group.

If you asked me, this sounds like an amazing day ahead.

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