Inner Beauty Yoga

Our Yoga Retreat Begins


We started our day with another Ayurvedic full body massage and a rose water lassi. After walking and enjoying the amazing town of Rishikesh, we had some apple and chocolate/banana samosas with lemon, honey, and ginger tea. Our favorite treats for sure!

Today was our firts day together, Maria and PK arranged to have a Ganesha Puja ceremony to welcome us. It was really nice and Maria had an amazing gift bags for us with some great goodies.

After the puja we did our first yoga class. It felt so good to move and practice yoga. We have been traveling so much with little exercise except walking.

In the evening, we all went to the Ganga Arti. Swamiji is here in town, so he led the ceremony. Afterwards we each placed an offering in Ma Ganga. The offering was a leaf shaped like a bowl with flowers and a candle in it. We all placed on the Ganga river.

We had our welcome dinner on the rooftop of our hotel. The food was excellent and for desert we had chocolate cake.

Tomorrow we will start with meditation at 6:45 by the Ganga in front of Shiva’s statue. Then we will have a Prana Flow practice and will eat breakfast afterwards. We will be visiting the other side of Rishikesh and do some shopping in the market.

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