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Kirtan and Yoga Event Was a Success!


On the 11/11/11 the Dallas community came together to celebrate this auspicious day with yoga, ecstatic moon dance and kirtan with Dave Stringer.

I have seen Dave Stringer performed several times in LA. His music, voice and band members are amazing. It was surreal to have Dave here in Dallas and to see so many people dance and enjoy kirtan with fully open arms. I am so happy to have such amazing event here in my back yard. I am truly grateful for Monica Blossom for having the vision to bring yoga, kirtan and ecstatic moon dance together.

We started the evening with a gentle yoga class that Ricky and I taught to get everyone moving and open for kirtan. Then Dave Stringer rocked the house with his amazing music. The local kirtan bands The Sound and the Meaning, The Bhakti House just to name a few played along with Dave as well.

After dancing and singing our hearts out, at 11 pm, we all rested in savasana while the sound of singing bowls guided us deeper into meditation for 11 minutes. Then the ecstatic moon dance started and people danced the night away…

Yoga has been growing world wide and Dallas is not an exception. We have so many talented teachers, great studios and amazing visionaries that are helping Texas get in the yoga map if there is such a thing. People nation wide are noticing our growth and we are just getting started.

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