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Impostor Syndrome, Body Weight, or Aches And Pain?

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I love helping women like you get to their next level!  Over the last few years, I can't even count how many of my friends have asked me to help them get past a crisis — or a plateau in their life, finances or relationships. 

I’m *very excited* to let you know that you are now officially invited to join… Soul Power Intuitive Coaching…a chance to take your life and finances to a whole new level! 

This is a SOUL-filled, feel-it-in-your bones, deep-level shift and transformational experience —a chance for your creative genius to emerge and for your life and finances to blossom. 

You’re not in this world to be like everyone else. You’re here to express who you really are and help others do the same.

case studies

(I’ve changed their names to keep them confidential. All other details are 100% real.)

Case Study 1

BEFORE: Amy felt totally lost, was in physical pain, was very unhappy in her marriage and had constant arguments with her children. She desired to open up to her spiritual side and heal from past events from childhood and her relationship with her parents. She also wanted to exercise and feel more confident, but couldn’t because of the physical pain. She’d even been on disability for five years! 

AFTER: Amy and I created a plan of action to obtain her desires. She received coaching, my online classes and meditations, customized Spiritual Activations, energy work, inner child work, released negative patterns, and experienced an awakening of her intuitive gifts. After 6 months of working together, Amy gained strength, reduced stress, had more clarity, confidence, better relationships with herself and kids. Even though her marriage ended, it came to a positive end — something she never thought possible before working together. And, she’s no longer in physical pain! Her health has improved and she is now exercising regularly. She even started to offer healing services to her community. 

Case Study 2

BEFORE: Kelly had TMJ, extreme back pain, sleepless nights and felt extremely emotional — like bursting into tears at any moment. She was prescribed multiple medications, but nothing seemed to help and she wasn’t feeling like herself.

AFTER: After 5 sessions, Kelly was able to get to the root emotional causes of her physical pain and experienced dramatically reduced pain, better sleep, and better posture. And she felt like herself again! And instead of feeling like bursting into tears, she was able to express her emotions in a healthy way, having heart-to-heart conversations and creating healthy boundaries with others.

Case Study 3

BEFORE: Jessica wanted to start her own business, but didn’t know how to start since she had a full-time schedule, didn’t feel like she’d ever be “good enough,” and felt afraid and guilty to charge for her services. She struggled with Impostor Syndrome and having negative thoughts about herself. She also felt pulled in so many directions and she was always last on her list — everyone else’s needs came first.  

AFTER: After two months of working together, Jessica received healing and gained new insights to help her feel more confident and manage her inner dialogue in a positive way. She gained clarity and together we created a plan of action resulting in starting her first business and making money immediately!

Case Study 4

BEFORE: Tina had been struggling for many years with emotional turmoil and negative patterns she had been carrying. She desired to quit one of her jobs because it was draining her of energy and inner peace, but she was afraid to walk away from the job’s security. She really desired to start a new business, but was afraid of failure. She struggled with self-esteem, financial issues, setting healthy boundaries, and feeling guilty about spending time or money on herself. Also a single mom, Tina struggled to balance it all. She desperately wanted to connect to her spiritual gifts, open up her intuition and deepen her spiritual connection to God.

AFTER: After 6 months of coaching, customized meditations and the healing work to release the negative emotions and blocks she had, she was able to quit her unfulfilling job and start a new business. She feels passionate about what she does now and how her gifts help her to make a contribution to the world around her. She bought a new car and is expanding her business to a larger audience. Most importantly, she has deepened her spiritual connection, which helps her to continue to attain her goals.

What is your Success Story going to be?

About Adri Kyser

Adri Kyser is an international wellness expert who has spent the past 18 years helping highly-driven women stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed and start living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Using her Enlightened Alchemy™ method, she has helped thousands of women worldwide achieve everything from reduced pain and stress to increased confidence and productivity. Rather than drawing from only one modality, her extensive list of certifications (including coaching, mindfulness, yoga, and Ayurveda) allow her to create a customized wellness experience for clients.

As a brand ambassador, she has worked with Athleta and Larabar. When she’s not busy hosting retreats around the globe in exotic locations like Bali, Greece, and Peru, she’s being featured on iHeart Radio, Amazon Prime’s “The Focus”, and Authority Magazine. She’s the co-author of the best seller book“Overcoming Adversity in Entrepreneurship”.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

~ Joseph Campbell 

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