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Are you Ready To Enhance Your Intuition, Release Energy Blocks And Awaken Your Inner Power? 

Unlock the Power Of Your Chakras With simple

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International Wellness Expert, Yoga Teacher & Energy Alchemist

The Chakras 

"Awakening The Sacred Centers In The Body"


Even if you never worked with the chakras before!

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Hi, I’m Adri Kyser and I've helped hundreds of women worldwide enhance their intuition, release energy blocks, and awaken their spiritual connection using my Enlightened Alchemy™ method.

If you ever felt a lump in your throat or tension in your belly, if you’ve ever felt disconnected or lost from your true self, you probably have experienced the energy in those chakras tightening up or getting out of balance!

Your chakras are powerful energy centers in your body, and when they are aligned, you can experience radiant health, better relationships, finances, and spiritual clarity to live a happier, fulfilling and balanced life!

A lot of my students have asked me if I could create a program to help them learn more about the chakras and share my strategies and tools to bring balance, health and positive transformations.

This course will provide you with practical information you can use to unlock the power of your chakra system so you can start living the life you are meant to lead.

Now It's Your Time To Enjoy Lasting Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health & Wellness!

The ChakraS Online Course

Awakening The Sacred Centers in The Body

All The Information YOU NEED To Improve Your Health, Awaken Your Intuition 

& Activate Your Spiritual Power 

You'll Get life-time online Access To:

Intro To The Chakras

Master Class

What you get with this course:

In this 52-minute class, I share my favorite tools and strategies to quickly balance the chakras and release energy blocks so you can have more energy, make more money, experience better relationships, and awaken your divine power, and do it all all from the comfort of home (in pajama bottoms.)

In this master class, you'll learn:

  • The Chakra System, the "3 Brains, ways we process experiences, and overview of each chakra.

  • Currents and pathways of energy, how energy flows through the body

  • How the chakras can affect your physical, mental and emotional wellness

  • What essential oils are and how they can support your emotional wellness

  • What specific essential oils to use and other ways you can balance each chakra

You get life-time access to this course so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: $97


The Chakras Intro Guide + REFERENCE SHEET

What you get with this GUIDE:

The Intro to Chakras Guide is a 30-page guide containing detailed and valuable information I mentioned during the master class.

You get life-time access to this course, so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: $150


Reference Sheet

What you get with this GUIDE:

The Chakra Reference sheet is your reference guide to quickly access the information that corresponds to each chakra. 

You get life-time access to this course, so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: $47

You'll Get Life-time online Access To:

the Enlightened Alchemy™

16 Chakra Healing Activations and Meditations

What you get with these Audio Meditations:

This is a typically reserved for my private clients and members with a monthly paid membership to my VIP group where I share meditations, healings and tools to create abundance, health, wealth, find your purpose and more!

These 16 healing chakra meditations are designed to awaken, super charge, and clear each chakra from energy blocks and imbalances so you can feel whole and empowered.

You get life-time access to over 2.5 hours of these powerful guided meditations, activations and healings! Retail Value: $297


The Chakras & Crystal Healing guide

What you get with this GUIDE:

The Chakras and Crystal Healing Guide is a 15-page guide containing valuable information and step by step instructions on how to use crystals to heal and balance each chakra. Learn what crystals to use and how to do chakra balancing sessions on yourself and/or others using crystals. 

You get life-time access to this guide, so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: $97

You'll Get 30-Day Access To:

the sacred Movement Online Studio 

Yoga, Pilates & Meditations

What you get with this Course:

Get FREE 30-days access to this monthly paid membership program. Access a large video library with  hundreds of yoga, pilates and meditation classes using my Enlightened Alchemy™ method and signature teaching style. 

You can choose gentle and restorative practices to energizing and strengthening classes so you can customize your practice according to your needs, mood, and schedule.

You get 30-day access to this program for FREE! Retail Value: $30 per month

You'll Get Access To:

Sacred Movement

Studio App

What you get with this APP:

This is your access point to all of my courses and classes from any mobile device. 

You'll receive free access to mini workouts, tutorials, and the "FREE class of the month" so you can tap into OWN YOUR AWESOME and rise to a new levels in all aspects of your life. 

This app is perfect for those with a busy schedule so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: PRICELESS!


Certificate Of Completion

For Yoga Teachers

Once You Complete this Course:

This course is for everyone! You don't have to be a yoga teacher. But if you are looking for YACEP, you will receive a downloadable certificate you can send to Yoga Alliance! 

 4.5 Continuing Education Hours 



 And I made you a quick video that walks you through EVERYTHING you get so you can an insider look.

You'll get: 

Intro To The Chakras Master Class (Video)

(52 minutes) - Life-Time Online Access $97

 Chakra Guide (30 Page PDF)

Life-Time Online Access $150

  Reference Sheet (PDF)

Life-Time Online Access $47

 Chakra & Crystal Healing Guide (15 Page PDF)

Life-Time Online Access $97

16 Chakra Healing Activations and Meditations (MP3)

(2.5 Hours) - Lifetime Access $297

 Sacred Movement Online Studio

30-day free access $30

 Sacred Movement Studio App

Lifetime DIGITAL access

Continuing Education Hours Certificate

(Optional) 4.5 YACEP Hours


BUT NOT Today.



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About Adri Kyser

Adriana Kyser is an international yoga teacher, wellness expert, speaker, author, and energy alchemist who has spent the past 16 years helping highly driven women stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed and start living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. 

Using her Enlightened Alchemy™ method, she has helped thousands of women worldwide achieve everything from reduced pain and stress to increased confidence and productivity. 

Rather than drawing from only one modality, her extensive list of certifications (including NLP coaching, yoga, Pilates, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, and Ayurveda) allow her to create a customized wellness experience for clients. 

As a brand ambassador, she has worked with Athleta and Larabar. When she’s not busy hosting retreats around the globe in exotic locations like Bali, Greece, and Peru, she’s being featured on iHeart Radio, Amazon Prime’s “The Focus”, Thrive Global, and Authority Magazine. She’s the co-author of the best seller book “Overcoming Adversity in Entrepreneurship”.

Adri Kyser