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Are you Ready To Experience the Magical Power Of Crystals? 

Learn how To Work with Crystals To Deepen Your Spiritual Journey with Confidence & Ease!


International Wellness Expert, Yoga Teacher & Energy Alchemist

"Intro To Crystals 

& Crystal Healing"


Even if you never worked with the crystals before!

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Whether you’re new to crystals or you've been working with Crystals for a while...

This mini program will help you get All The Information YOU NEED To work with crystals on a daily basis!

No prerequisites - Everyone is Welcomed

Who is this Course For:

Whether you are new to crystals or are familiar with them, this intro class is open to everyone!

This introductory crystal and crystal healing course is perfect if you are new to crystals or you simply want to deepen your knowledge, learn about crystal healing, and how to use them on a regular basis in simple and accessible ways!

I’ve designed this course to provide you with essential content that stands on its own to help you start or deepen your work with crystals. And honestly, if you’re buying crystals and starting your own collection, I feel this is great info to have and easily understand so you can continue to grow your collection with confidence and ease.  

Hi, I’m Adri Kyser and I've helped hundreds of women worldwide enhance their intuition, release energy blocks, and awaken their spiritual connection using my Enlightened Alchemy™ method.

I love working with crystals on a daily basis, especially the more I discovered the spiritual and metaphysical facets of working with crystals as healing tools. I believe that if we are given the right tools we can achieve and sustain physical, mental and emotional balance and wellness. 

Working with crystals is a gift and a privilege! I created this course to introduce people LIKE YOU to the basics of working with these beautiful gifts from the Earth (crystals) and how you can easily incorporate crystal healing into your life.  

As a holistic wellness coach, yoga teacher and alchemist my goal is to help you awaken your intuition, improve your confidence and your overall wellness using diverse holistic modalities and sacred tools.

Through my OWN WELLNESS Journey to heal myself from the inside out, I have worked with numerous holistic tools and modalities. This Enlightened Alchemy™ process included working with crystals to help me experience their metaphysical healing properties and to awaken my spiritual gifts as well.

4 years ago, I opened my Enlightened Alchemy Online Crystal Store to facilitate high quality crystals to people searching to work with Mother Earth’s natural gifts.

A lot of my students have asked me if I could create a mini program to help them learn more about crystals and share the techniques I use to bring balance, health and positive transformations in my life and business.

This course will provide you with practical information you can use to unlock the power of crystal healing for yourself and others.


This mini program will help you get All The Information YOU NEED To work with crystals on a daily basis!

You'll Get life-time online Access To:

Intro To Crystals & Crystal Healing

What you get with this course:

You will receive access to TWO 90 minute classes. In these classes, I share important information on how to work with crystals, create your crystal tool box, and start a crystal healing session for yourself or others. The best part is that you can do this program from the comfort of your home (in pajama bottoms.)

In this mini course, you'll learn:

 The History of Crystals and Crystal Healing
 Crystal Basics
 How to create your crystal tool box
 How To Care For Your Crystals
 Activate Your Crystalline Energetic Self

 ​How to do a crystal healing session for yourself and others 

You get life-time access to this course so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: $297


Intro To Crystals & Crystal Healing Guide

What you get with this GUIDE:

The Intro Guide contains detailed and valuable information to get your started in your crystal journey.

It includes how to buy crystals, caring for your crystals, how to use them and more.

Retail Value: $97



What you get with this guide:

This beautifully designed guide contains detailed and valuable information on how to use colors and crystals in that color range for crystal healing, crystal grids, and more!

Each color is connected to a frequency an when you match your intention, crystal, and the color frequency... Something magical happens! 

Retail Value: $97


The Chakras & Crystal Healing guide

What you get with this GUIDE:

The Chakras and Crystal Healing Guide is a 15-page guide containing valuable information and step by step instructions on how to use crystals to heal and balance each chakra. Learn what crystals to use and how to do chakra balancing sessions on yourself and/or others using crystals. 

You get life-time access to this guide, so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: $97


Powerful Activation guided Meditations

What you get with this guide:

Receive two powerful ACTIVATIONS - Rose Quartz and Crystalline Energy to awaken your crystalline power. Retail Value: $197

In addition, you will receive:

1- A Lower Chakras Healing Activation & Meditation Audio Recording

2- An Upper Chakras Healing Activation & Meditation Audio Recording Retail Value: $197

You'll Get Access To:

Sacred Movement

Studio App

What you get with this APP:

This is your access point to all of my courses and classes from any mobile device. 

You'll receive free access to mini workouts, tutorials, and the "FREE class of the month" so you can tap into OWN YOUR AWESOME and rise to a new levels in all aspects of your life. 

This app is perfect for those with a busy schedule so you can work at your own pace. Retail Value: PRICELESS!



 And I made you a quick video that walks you through EVERYTHING you get so you can an insider look.

You'll get: 

Intro To The Crystals & Crystal Healing Master Classes (Video)

(TWO 90+ minutes each) - Life-Time Online Access $297

 intro to Crystals & Crystal Healing Guide (PDF)

Life-Time Online Access $97

 Color & Crystal Healing Guide (PDF)

Life-Time Online Access $97

 Chakra & Crystal Healing Guide (PDF)

Life-Time Online Access $97

Crystaline & Rose Quartz Activations Meditation (MP3)

 - Lifetime Access $197

Lower & Upper Chakras Activation Meditations (MP3)

 - Lifetime Access $197

 Sacred Movement Studio App

Lifetime DIGITAL access


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See What Other Students Are Saying

“This course gave me a comprehensive overview of the power of crystals and how to use them in my life. For years I have liked crystals purely on a level of thinking they are beautiful but having no idea what powers they hold. Now that I have a basic knowledge of some crystals I can look back and understand why I was attracted to certain colors and crystals - they correspond to what I was going through in my life at that point. The meditations Adri provides in the course are peaceful and a nice bonus to the crystal education.” Sherri Hanneman 

“Adri, a guided meditation or something you had done on your FB a few weeks ago maybe popped up on my feed a few days ago just when I needed it. Listening to your voice and spreading that energy from my heart chakra all the way through my body was just what I needed at the time 💓 I visualized it again this morning when I was meditating and just got this wonderful white glowy feeling. Thanks for all your wonderful energy always ;)” Jessica Phillips 

“I have become quite interested in several modalities of natural healing. Adri gave a beautiful history of Crystal healing, how to use them to bring healing into your life (or others that you may be assisting), what each is used for and how to care for them.  

It was exactly what I was hoping for! I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in Crystals and healing.” Cyndy Van Winkle

About Adri Kyser

Adriana Kyser is an international yoga teacher, wellness expert, speaker, author, and energy alchemist who has spent the past 16 years helping highly driven women stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed and start living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. 

Using her Enlightened Alchemy™ method, she has helped thousands of women worldwide achieve everything from reduced pain and stress to increased confidence and productivity. 

Rather than drawing from only one modality, her extensive list of certifications (including NLP coaching, yoga, Pilates, Crystal Healing, Reiki Master, and Ayurveda) allow her to create a customized wellness experience for clients. 

As a brand ambassador, she has worked with Athleta and Larabar. When she’s not busy hosting retreats around the globe in exotic locations like Bali, Greece, and Peru, she’s being featured on iHeart Radio, Amazon Prime’s “The Focus”, Thrive Global, and Authority Magazine. 

She’s the co-author of the best seller book “Overcoming Adversity in Entrepreneurship”.

Adri Kyser