Reduce stress, increase energy, and look and feel amazing.
45 expertly-designed Yoga & Pilates classes you can do
anytime, anywhere...and in only 20 minutes.
How would you like to find a program that can help you...

   Recapture your energy and radiance

   Tone and shape your body

   Improve your posture

   Ease back pain

   Be more relaxed each day

   Sleep better at night

One low price for LIFETIME ACCESS
It’s like paying $9 a month for a year and getting every year after that totally free.
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What Actual Students Are Saying...

"For someone who works an erratic schedule and long hours, I often find my studio yoga classes aren’t always convenient for regular practice. Adri’s tutorials are the perfect answer for me. Not only are they short, but her instruction is easy to follow and very thorough!! They have helped me create “Me” time everyday and give me confidence I can keep up in between studio classes. Thanks, Adri, for such a wonderful tool!" Claudia Lindsey

About your teacher, Adri Kyser
Adri Kyser, E-RYT500, is an International Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach with a strong and dedicated following. She was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela, where she went to Law School before moving to the US. Adri’s caring, unique and authentic approach to yoga and wellness stems from her personal experience in coping with chronic back pain for over a decade. Adri has an extensive list of certifications in multiple holistic and wellness modalities and has helped hundreds of women worldwide live a more mindful, healthy and balanced lifestyle. She provides classes, coaching sessions and specialty programs that teach women how to discover and develop the innate power of true inner beauty. 
Right now, I’m offering an All Access Pass to the Studio...

With your All-Access Pass, you’ll have a lifetime membership to all the yoga and Pilates programs...even the ones I continue to add.

You’ll be able to watch classes wherever you go on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It's almost like having a yoga instructor in your bag.

And even though there's always something new, you'll always have access to your favorites.

Use it as a standalone yoga program or supplement a membership to cover the days you just can't get to the studio.

You’ll find yoga & Pilates classes for beginners and beyond, including special classes for digestion, detox, inflammation, and PMS.

Lifetime access means one payment...forever. No recurring fees, subscriptions or upgrades. All for the price of one month at a studio.

The Studio offers 45 classes right now, and I’m adding new classes every month, with a target of 70 classes by the end of 2016.

No More Guilt Over Missed Classes

Our best intentions can sometimes make us feel the worst. Even when we have the greatest resolve, life happens.

  • The meeting goes late
  • The practice goes over time
  • We get stuck in traffic

And after all of that, we actually feel guilty for missing our classes?!

Dump the guilt – embrace love and freedom instead.

Never feel guilty again for missing a class. You’ll have a lifetime membership with a one time fee. You’ll never have to pay again, no matter how many new classes we add to the studio . We make it super easy. With each yoga session lasting about 20 minutes, you can fit your choice of classes into the busiest of schedules.

One low price for LIFETIME ACCESS
It’s like paying $9 a month for a year and getting every year after that totally free.
What Actual Students Are Saying...

"This is exactly what I needed. I have a busy schedule between the kids and my work and I don't always have time to make it to a studio or gym. I took Adri's class at a Festival a wile back and her classes were wonderful.  I highly recommended these classes to anyone who is looking for a variety of classes from gentle to challenging practices without having to leave home" Carol

It’s perfect for everyone – from beginners to advanced students. It’s designed so that you can always have the exact class you want...targeted to your needs each day.

Big day ahead? Start your day feeling alive and energized with my Energy and Stamina Flow. This Vinyasa yoga class will get you moving and your heart pumping. Build strength and stamina as you connect with your breath during this short sequence.

Feeling the after-lunch slump? Re-energize and work out those kinks you're getting from sitting at your desk with my Dynamic Vinyasa Flow. It’s the perfect way to get moving and grooving again.

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? My Earth Element Yoga Practice is fantastic for those really busy days. When you connect to the Earth Element, you’ll have a way to instantly become more grounded, balanced, and connected to your body, mind, and breath.

Need to unwind after a hectic day filled with the demands of work and family? Forget about counting sheep. Try my Peaceful Yoga Practice for better sleep and deeper relaxation. 
All in, for one price - for LIFE...

Builds strength and muscle tone - so you'll look your best.

Increases flexibility and balance - to help you move with ease and grace.

Improves posture -for a beautiful confident appearance.

Builds stamina - so you can face your weekly schedule with grace.

Relieves minor aches and pains - for more comfortable living every day.

Inner beauty and strength of mind
Helps to calm the mind and release mental stress - unwind after a long day.

Enhances concentration - prepare for that important meeting or jumpstart your workday.

Brings a sense of clarity and peace - inner beauty that’s always reflected on the outside.

Helps you get restful, restorative sleep - a key requirement for beauty and health.

Reduces anxiety - to help you face whatever life brings your way each day.

Promotes positive thinking - because our bodies and minds are intimately connected.
Don't forget the core!

Elements of Pilates are included throughout the classes in my studio

to give extra special attention to your core and abs.

What Actual Students Are Saying...

"I Like the way Adri Kyser teaches her yoga classes and these are the reasons why... I love the fact that she focuses on making sure your alignment of each pose is done correctly, which is so important when you practice yoga...She is very uplifting and has a wonderful energy about her...She is the type of yoga teacher that is always making that extra effort to learn more in her teachings so that she can bring it back to her students. I'm very happy to be her student and value the time and energy that she spends trying to help us improve our yoga practice to be the best we can be on and off the mat." Robin

Health club members lose an average of $39 every month in wasted fees.
And people can pay upwards of $25 per class a local yoga studio.
For $119, you receive 45 classes, with no ongoing payment or guilt because you didn't "make it" to the studio that week.
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This rate is not going to stay this low for long. With so many classes added regularly to my studio, the all access price will go up shortly.

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A lifetime membership so you’ll never have to pay a fee again

Access to every ADDITIONAL class I ever add to the studio included.

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It’s like paying $9 a month for a year and getting every year after that totally free.
Instant Access to the following yoga flows & tutorials today...

Your Virtual Yoga Studio will always be available right at your home, so you can get your flow going:

>> Any time of day
>> Without having to take another trip in the rain or snow
     without fighting traffic
>> And without losing the travel time that you could spend with          your partner or family instead

In the amount of time it could take you to
get in the car, drive to your class, and walk in the door to a gym...

you could already be done with your routine,
feeling relaxed, and ready for a cup of tea.
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